Kaws Exhibition @Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you ever go to the Yorkshire Sculpture park on crutches with torn ligaments in legs, don't try and walk up the hill past many many cows to the exhibitions at the back. Get the mini bus....

Pictoplasma 2016

Scorching hot Berlin!! Had another great year, really enjoyed Amelie Flechais's talk and Rex Crowle's work. RIP White Trash :(

KLIK Festival

I travelled to Amsterdam with murray for KLIK. Got to watch Long Way North which was awesome to see on a huge cinema screen!


Pictoplasma 2015

My first Pictoplasma, here I saw and met loads of talented artists! This was the first time I'd been exposed to this sort of artwork in person with a HUGEEEEE focus on character design. Had an amazing time in Berlin and pledged to come every following year. White trash RIP.


A short film I helped to make. Filmed in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Enjoy :)