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I visited Poland for my birthday, made friends with the mountains!

Learning CInema 4D

I finally decided to have a shot at using Cinema 4D to make some simple models, enjoying it so far!

First Risograph Tests

After sending lots of single colour prints through to get used to how to use the risograph machine lays down ink and works on a network, I decided to make some prints for the guys at The Sad Ghost Club using the ghost I’d drawn for them in a previous project.

The risograph prints come out WAY better than you can imagine from a digital file. Absolutely love being able to mix colours and make gradients at the same time though with this medium.

Jumper Time!

I’m not the biggest fan of christmas jumpers so I decided to make my own, with little decorations for the christmas tree too :)

Skateboard Making

I decided to try making some skateboards for Halloween, absolute bane of my weekend but was happy with how they eventually came out! Learnt not to be too hasty with painting especially with nasty fluro paint as I had to resand one of the boards down completely and start over.

Embroidery Tests

I got to have some fun on a half working embroidery machine today, so satisfying to watch!

Chuchos Printing

Screenprinted 1000 of these boxes for Chuchos with my design on, killed me!

Two Colour Testing

Tested out doing two colour tee’s today as I had a screen already made up.

Pictoplasma 2018

Visited Berlin for a few days with some dudes for Pictoplasma, sipped some pints, rode some donkeys.

Shoot w/Theo

Went out for a skate and a chill in Heaton park today, caught up with Theo and gave him his overdue birthday present.

Aardman Studio

I was lucky enough to have my work pay for me to travel to Bristol to visit the Aardman Studios, it was cool to be able to visit as a guest and see behind the scenes of how they produce animations on high and low budgets within the different divisions of the company. Really enjoyed seeing all the models and the TV studios.

Forza Napoli

Visited Napoli with some friends this week, I got to watch Napoli destroy Lazio 4-1 and saw some wicked art around the streets of Naples, and ate far too much pizza for my own good.

Halloween Printing

I tried doing my first two colour screenprints using the Gocco Pro. Happy with how some of them came out but so many errors made! Super late night but fun using glow in the dark ink also, just a real pain to get decent registration of colours.

Gocco Printing

I purchased a Gocco Pro in Edinburgh and was shown how to screenprint for the first time! Absolutely loved it, making t shirts very soon.


I visited Oslo for a few days for my birthday and got to visit the Museum of Modern Art to see Takashi Murakami’s solo exhibition. Amazing place, so much snow and probably yetis!